Get Messenger Bot for your Online Store

Build an AI-powered ecommerce bot in 2 minutes. No coding, No pesky flows.

Reach 1.1 Billion People on Messenger

Be where your customers are. ShopBot enables users to discover you and your products on Messenger. No apps to download, no more waiting. 

Showcase your Product Catalog on Messenger in 2 simple steps

1. Provide your Google Product Feed URL
2. Connect your Facebook Page
You are all set! No coding, no conversation flows required.

Get your Website Visitors to discover your Messenger Bot

An Opt-in prompt offers your visitors a seamless way to receive updates via Messenger. Upon opt in, the user receives a welcome message in Messenger.


Similar Items

“Similar Items” button on every item card helps users to discover similar products with ease. ShopBot automatically identifies similar items from your product feed.

New Product Arrivals

New Arrivals are automatically detected from your product feed as and when new products get added to your feed. No need to manually tag products.

Unique Coupon Codes

Send unique coupon codes to your bot users whenever they initiate a conversation. Alternatively, your users can even request a coupon code.

Auto Image Resizing

ShopBot automatically resizes all product images to avoid images getting cropped in Messenger bubbles.

UTM Tags

ShopBot appends UTM parameters to all external link clicks enabling you to identify website traffic from Messenger.

Quick to Launch

All it takes is your Google Product Feed URL to launch your very own AI-powered Bot. No coding. No manual configurations. And the best part, your bot automatically updates with your product feed.


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