What’s New in ShopBot

At Shopbot, we are building the best ecommerce bot. Over the last few weeks, we’ve introduced features in key areas like user adoption, user engagement and online conversions. We’ve also improved attribution and tracking, helping you better understand how your users transact on the platform. Below are some of the new features.

Unique Coupon Codes

You can now send unique coupon codes to your bot users. The coupon code can be sent whenever a new user initiates a conversation. Alternatively, your users can even request a coupon code. Unique coupon codes are a great way to increase new user adoption. Also, the availability of unique coupon codes can help evangelize your Messenger bot as users share this information within their friend circles.

Image Resizing

Messenger expects carousel images to have an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. Images that don’t follow this aspect ratio appear cropped in Messenger (image on the left in the example below). Inappropriately cropped images almost always turn away users who are used to seeing clear images on a daily basis. Better images lead to higher user engagement. Since product images typically are portrait style, ShopBot now resizes all product images from your product feed before they get uploaded to ShopBot CDN (image on the right in the example below).

UTM Tags

In order to enable marketers to identify website traffic coming from Messenger, ShopBot now appends default UTM parameters to all external link clicks on item cards. With this update, you can now track your bot’s performance in terms of Cart additions, Wishlist additions and Checkouts.

Share Item

Effortless sharing of products is now possible on Shopbot with a Share Button on every carousel item.

Similar Items

We’ve added a “Similar Items” button on every item card to help users discover similar products with ease. These similar items are automatically identified by ShopBot based on your product feed.


Bot users can now search for items using short sentences like “Show me men’s pyjamas”. In the example below, accurate results for red shoes are shown, even after the user has spelt it incorrectly as “Sho mi muns pujamas”.

New Arrivals

Most brick and mortar fashion stores have a separate ‘New Arrivals’ section. This is to enable customers, regular and new, easily browse latest styles being offered by the brand. Taking cue from the physical world, ShopBot now also offers New Arrivals. These new arrivals are automatically detected from your product feed as and when new products get added to your feed. As a marketer or a merchandiser, you do not have to manually tag products.

In the image above, the features are circled in red. From Top to Bottom -> New Arrivals, Image resizing, Similar products and Share feature.