Messenger Bot Discovery made easy with Subscription Prompt

Online businesses are always on the lookout for scalable solutions to engage their users across platforms and devices. Messenger bots, over mobile and desktop, is one such solution that offers the marketer a highly personalized channel where user engagement can be achieved at scale. From product discovery to personalized re-targeting, an entire spectrum of user engagement functionality is available through Messenger bots. Also, most users are already on Messenger. So what’s the best way to get your users to discover your Messenger bot experience?

To get your users to subscribe, we at QGraph have developed a very simple and user friendly solution. A Subscription Prompt (see image below) can be set to pop-up at any point on your website. After the user chooses to opt-in via a simple click of a button, the pop-up disappears. The user flow is not disturbed and the prerequisite for you to start a Messenger conversation is met. Any content can then be sent to the user’s messenger from this point on. This could include a personalized welcome message or any other content that you fancy. This seamless opt-in procedure can be used to bring your website users to messenger organically and at scale.

How it works

The user sees a prompt (available over mobile and desktop).

After Opting-in, the prompt disappears and a personalized message can be sent to the user in Messenger.