Add ‘Intelligent Interactions’ to your marketing messages in Messenger

In a previous post, I talked about how you can send Cart and Browse Recovery Messages to your website visitors via Facebook Messenger.

We’ve now added another industry-first feature called “Intelligent Interactions” to these marketing messages in Messenger, making FB Messenger an effective product discovery platform for your users.

A quick recap on what are marketing messages in Messenger

With ShopBot, you can retarget your website visitors by sending them marketing messages directly to their FB Messenger. Which type of marketing messages can I send? Well, you can segment users and send blast campaigns to each segment. You can also dynamically retarget your website visitors with cart/browse/wish list recovery messages.

What are intelligent interactions in FB Messenger?

Intelligent interactions are additional interactive buttons like

  • View Similar products
  • Add to Favourite
  • View Trending products
  • View New Arrivals
  • View Recommended products etc.

that you can add to your marketing messages in Messenger (see image below). A user can interact with these interactive buttons to discover more products, within the Messenger App itself. Each user’s interactive buttons can be fully customized based on her behavior within your website. The best part is, each user can interact endlessly with these interactive buttons to discover as many products as she wants.

Can I see an example of “intelligent interactions” in a Messenger message?

In the example below, Vivek (a Messenger subscriber) receives a browse recovery message that displays the last 3 T-shirts he viewed on an Ecommerce website. These products are displayed in a carousel format where each product’s image, name, price and product page URL have been dynamically inserted by ShopBot.

Now, Vivek decides to click on the interactive button titled “Similar Products”. On clicking this button, he immediately gets a new message where similar T-shirts are displayed. He can further interact with this new message by checking out these similar T shirts or by clicking on the “New Arrivals” button or by clicking on the “Trending Products” button. This way, Vivek can interact endlessly to discover as many products as he wants within the Messenger App itself.

Benefits of Intelligent Interactions

  • Makes your marketing messages more engaging. Users can look for more products without actually navigating to your website.
  • Higher chance of a user discovering a product that she likes while navigating. This can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Are intelligent interactions available in other channels like Email, Push Notifications etc?

No. In a marketing email or push, a user can only see those products that are included in the email or push. She can’t access similar products or discounted products or trending products from within the email/push. With “Intelligent interactions”, a user can look for all these products within Messenger itself, making the Messenger channel an effective user engagement platform.

Can I decide which “intelligent interactions” to show the user?

Yes, you can choose which interactions to show a user by setting it up manually. However, ShopBot’s system also automates this process and displays the best possible interactions to a user based on her past actions on your website.

Do I need to manually setup which products would appear when a user clicks on “View Similar” OR “View Trending”?

No. ShopBot will automatically display the products when the user clicks on any of the interactions.

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