Send Cart Recovery Messages via Facebook Messenger

We, at ShopBot, have created a brand new mechanism for Ecommerce companies to send cart and browse abandonment messages to their “Messenger subscribers” on Facebook Messenger. This mechanism utilizes the updates introduced in Messenger 1.3 in Nov ’16.

In the section that follows, I’ve explained this mechanism in detail and answered possible queries around it. You can check out a live browse abandonment demo right here.

How can I collect “Messenger Subscribers”?

Every user who visits your ecommerce company’s website, can be converted into a Messenger subscriber through a seamless 1-Click Opt-in process. You can implement this “1-click Opt-in” on your desktop and mobile websites, by placing a small pop-up that requests the user’s permission to turn her into your Messenger Subscriber. Check the image below.

Once the user clicks “YES” on the pop-up, she immediately receives a welcome message in her Messenger confirming her subscription. To this user, you can send cart and browse abandonment messages in the future. Learn more about the subscription process.

What subscription rate can I see?

Our ecommerce clients see a subscription rate of around 8%. This means, 8 out of every 100 users who see the prompt turn into your Messenger subscribers, to whom you can send these cart/browse abandon messages. This subscription rate of 8%, is almost 4 times the subscription rate of email.

How does ShopBot know which subscribers have cart/browse abandoned on my website?

You have to implement ShopBot’s web pixel. ShopBot’s web pixel tracks each subscriber’s actions on your website. This way ShopBot knows exactly which of your subscribers have cart/browse abandoned.

Do I need to manually send these cart/browse abandonment messages?

No. These cart/browse abandonment messages are automatically triggered by ShopBot. Your marketing team has to define a ”trigger interval” – which is the time interval after which these messages will be sent. E.g. if your team chooses a trigger interval of 3 hours, then Sara who’s abandoned cart on your website at 4 pm, will receive a cart abandonment message at 7 pm in her Messenger.

How does a Cart/browse abandonment message look like?

In the image shown below, Vivek receives a cart abandonment message displaying 3 products (which he had abandoned) in Messenger’s Carousel format. Each carousel card contains a cart abandoned product (along with all its details) and a “Shop Now” button. Clicking this button takes the user to the cart page on the company’s website. A similar browse abandonment message can be sent to each user.

Do I have to pay Facebook to send these messages to my subscriber base?

No. These messages can be sent free of cost.

Apart from cart/browse abandonment messages, what else can I do?

You can setup automated drip campaigns, where a series of follow-ups can be designed in case a user doesn’t take action.

Do I need to involve my IT team? How long will it take to go live?

No. It just takes 5 minutes to implement ShopBot’s web pixel via GTM. We’ll even help you setup your campaigns on our dashboard.

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